Create emotions – enhance your brand.

Every brands elicits emotions, touches your customers deep inside. You know best what appeals to your customers. And we offer you the means to convey your brand to your customers more directly, more emotionally.

BRAND ENHANCEMENT by KURZ uniquely combines the areas of brand protection (Protect), design (Decorate) and brand communications (Communicate) for you. These three aspects are combined and individually weighted to create significant added value to promote even greater customer loyalty and attract new customers.

KURZ offers you numerous different options for enhancing your brand. You decide which is best suited to you.

Benefits: BRAND ENHANCEMENT can be seamlessly integrated within your marketing strategy. Almost anything is possible – ask us about the options. Almost anything is possible. We will happily develop an individualized BRAND ENHANCEMENT concept for you.


  • Track & Trace
  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Authentication
  • Verification

BRAND ENHANCEMENT promises quality. Give your customers the feeling from the outset that they are purchasing a really authentic quality product. Because trust in a brand is the best foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

With its eye-catching effects, BRAND ENHANCEMENT draws everyone's attention to your product. But it can do much more. A BRAND ENHANCEMENT element is also a seal of quality, to reinforce customer confidence in your brand and products.

With integrated Track & Trace functions and Supply Chain Monitoring, BRAND ENHANCEMENT makes it easy to trace the product from manufacturing site, via intermediate stations, through to POS.

Your own, customized BRAND ENHANCEMENT smartphone app serves as a “security key” for the user. The customer can use it to check the authenticity of the security elements on the product and packaging within a matter of seconds.

You benefit from maximum flexibility: The BRAND ENHANCEMENT Protect functions cover several security levels and can be individually configured to suit your requirements. We will be happy to advise you on how you can best protect your brand.

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  • Emotion
  • Trust
  • Attention
  • Purchasing Incentive
  • Added Value
  • Sales Promotion

Brand Enhancement helps to make your products more noticeable and attractive at the POS. With its fascinating metallic effects, Brand Enhancement offers many different ways to make your packaging more attractive and trigger the customer to buy your product.

Design and visual effects can be customized to suit your brand image. Protect and Communicate functions can also be incorporated into the design. The result: an attractive and effective decoration for your brand.

The result: an attractive and efficient combination of protective functions and communication options for your brand!

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  • Interaction
  • Online Shopping
  • Cross Selling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Micro Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty

Now more important than ever: ongoing dialogue between brand and consumers. Satisfied customers come back for more. And they are happy to pass on recommendations for things they like and trust. The brand also benefits directly from constant customer contact by smartphone, tablet etc.: It has never been easier to obtain information about customers’ buying behavior, age or social structure and adapt the product portfolio to target group wishes. Cross-selling supplements your sales channels for online business and generates additional markets. Brand Enhancement makes it easy to strengthen the bond between brand and customer – either via attractive information and shopping platforms on the mobile web, or through numerous communication options, ranging from rapid online support to an active and helpful user community.

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